Howard Zinn MARX IN SOHO

Imagine all Karl Marx would have to say after one hundred years of just being able to watch...

directed by
Michael Fox Kennedy
Jerry Levy
Karl Marx


The play sheds new light on Marx and his theories- which are presented factually despite the play’s whimsical premise”
Molly Gilmore-Balden - for the Olympia

Historian and activist, Howard Zinn is most well known for his alternative portrait of American history, “A People’s History of the United States.”  Here Zinn proves himself  a talented playwright,   presenting a play that is both enlightening and entertaining!


Howard Zinn, (1922- 2010)
Some words from Jerry Levy: “ In my travels across the USA, Canada and Europe performing Howard Zinn’s MARX IN SOHO,  perhaps I was in a unique position to witness the deep  affection in which this historian, activist and playwright was held. Through his books, plays, talks, protests and appearances in the  alternative media, Howard never ceased to inspire, motivate and make us feel better. Through difficult times in numerous decades his insistent  reminder that activists of the past had not given up as well as his personal example supported what is best in all of us. Thank you for everything Howard, you are irreplaceable and we will miss you.” ~Jerry Levy

“Marx in Your Town
Bringing Karl Marx to your community.  We have been touring the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe with this show since 2004.

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