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Thursday & Saturday Nov 20th & 22nd 2014
a new show

Friday & Sunday Nov 21st and 23rd
as a benefit for The Commons
Read their article on the two shows here

139 Main St. Brattleboro, VT

Tickets: $15, Seniors/students $10,
 2-Play Package $20Seniors/students $15
Reservations and information: Phone: 802-254-8513



A few words from Jerry Levy about these shows:

For ten years I have had the good fortune to tour a one person play about the life of Karl Marx by Howard Zinno "Marx in Soho" is returning to the Hooker Dunham Theater to  celebrate its Ten Year Anniversary where this production opened here, and at Marlboro  College in 2004. With the invaluable help of my director Michael Fox Kennedy and my manager David, this production of "Marx in Soho" has had over 250 performances in over 80 cities and towns across the United States, Canada, and Europe, often to activists who would have preferred to see Howard but welcomed me and his play with open arms. In the process I probably learned more about Karl Marx then in the over 40 years I taught his work as a sociologist. I continue to be inspired by Howard Zinn and intrigued by this important and enigmatic historical figure, so humanized in "Marx in Soho". I continue to explore issues raised in Zinn's play about the relationship between Marx's ideas, his life, and character. How would Marx represent himself today if he returned again after another 23 years in what I now call Purgatory? How would he be influenced by watching what has transpired on earth, particularly the United States since his brief his visit in 1991? How would he be affected by the historical figures he co-habitats with in Purgatory and what more might he reveal about his personal life and why? These and other questions have motivated me to write another play - "The Third Coming: Marx Returns" that is meant to stand on its own, but also continues Zinn's dramatic study in a different direction. I hope you will enjoy both these plays about the life and after life of Karl Marx


Previous Performances:

Nov. 18th 2012 “The Fever”  AJ Muste Memorial Institute 339 Lafayette St. NY, NY (Manhattan) Benefit for the SPUSA and AJ Muste Memorial Institute
Nov. 17 2012  "Marx in Soho" at ABC-No-Rio 156 Rivington St. NY, NY (Manhattan) $10 at the door Benefit for ABC-No-Rio
Nov. 16th 2012  "The Fever" at Alwan for the Arts 16 Beaver St. 4th Floor, New York, NY (Manhattan) Benefit for SP USA and Deep Dish TV
Nov. 15th 2012  "Marx in Soho"at InsaniTEA 570 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ.
Sept. 23, 2012, at  IndyFringe Basile Theater 719 E. St. Clair St., Indianapolis, IN http://indyfringe.org/indyfringe-basile-theatre
Sept. 21st  2012 at 7pm Grand Rapids Employees Independent Union,  917 Bridge St NW.  Grand Rapids MI  49504  http://www.greiu.org  A benefit show for                 striking gravel workers from http://teamsters406.org/
Sept 20, 2012 at 7:00PM  Little Theatre,  Kalamazoo Township, MI .http://www.wmich.edu/littletheatre/ Fundraiser for - http://spmichigan.org

European Tour June-August 2012

MARX IN SOHO Netherlands:
June 21st  DenHaag @Autonoom Centrum
Jun 24th  Groningen @ Hunzerheem,
June 28th  Amsterdam @ De Valreep 
June 30th – Nijmegen @ Doddelmanklooster
July 1st – Utrecht  @ACU 
July 3rd – Wormerveer  @ Groote Weiver
July 5th – Netherlands @ Den Bosch
July 7th – Tilburg  @ Kunstmaan  

July 9th  Antwort @ TKlooster Bar & Café 
July13th Gent @ Anarchistisch Centrum 

July 20th&21st Dublin @ SeonaSprai
July 29th & August 1st Cork @, The workshop/ Sample Studios
August 18th Belfast  @ Peoples Bank
August 23rd  Galway @ Town Hall Theatre

Previous 2012-------------------------------
May 26, 2012 MARX IN SOHO. Wilmington Historic Memorial Hall   Wilmington, Vermont http://www.wilmingtonvermont.us
May 12th MARX IN SOHO Hooker-Dunham Theater. Vermont   http://www.hookerdunham.org/ Benefit for The Insight Photography Project
April 28th THE FEVER 7-9pm  at Sharon Arts Exhibition Gallery, 30 Grove St. Peterborough, NH   http://www.sharonarts.org/happenings/the-good-neighbor-series
April 20th  Marx In Soho Load of Fun Theatre, Baltimore MD  Benfit for newly formed Occupy Balitmore http://www.loadoffun.net/LoadofFun/Welcome.html
April 5th  THE FEVER Three Rivers Community College (Multi-purpose room f117) http://www.trcc.commnet.edu
April 4th MARX IN SOHO Three Rivers Community College (Multi-purpose room f117) http://www.trcc.commnet.edu

Dec. 2nd THE FEVER at
The Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA Check out this great article on our performance in Northampton!
Nov. 19th MARX IN SOHO at Ben Muzio Town House,  Stafford Springs, CT.  Sponsored by Stafford Arts Commission.
Nov 18th THE FEVER at Ben Muzio Town House Stafford Springs, CT.  Sponsored by Stafford Arts Commission.
Nov. 12th THE FEVER at the
Brattleboro Museum and Art Center,  Brattleboro, Vermont.
July 15th THE FEVER, Free Hetherington, Glasgow Scotland
July 14th  MARX IN SOHO Free Hetherington, Glasgow Scotland.
July 2nd  THE FEVER,  De Klinker  Nijmegen, Netherlands
July 1st MARX IN SOHO, De Klinker  Nijmegen, Netherlands
June 29th  MARX IN SOHO Fabel van de Illegaal/ Leiden,  Netherlands
June 25th  “MARX IN SOHO”  Chez moi, Chez toi,  Nimes, France
June 23rd “The Fever” Chez moi, Chez toi,  Nimes, France
June 18th  “MARX IN SOHO” Paris,  France
Jan 13th  & 15th  “The Fever”  The California Stage,  Sacramento, CA http://www.calstage.org/   (Benefit)
Jan 12th  & 14th  “MARX IN SOHO”  The California Stage,  Sacramento, CA http://www.calstage.org/  (Benefit)
Jan 8th     "MARX IN SOHO," Centro del Pueblo, San Francisco, CA  (Benefit)
Jan 7th    "THE FEVER,   Centro del Pueblo, San Francisco, CA  (Benefit)

May 29th Nate Smith House, Jamaica Plain,  MA  as a benefit for http://stopthewars.orghttp://spboston.org
May 28th  Encuentro 5  Boston, MA as a benefit for http://stopthewars.orghttp://spboston.org 
April 17th The Wil-Mar Neighborbood Center, Madison, WI.
April 16th  Friends Meeting House, Milwaukee WI.  Benefit for www.peaceactionwi.org
April. 15th University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI
April. 15th  MATC  Milwaukee, WI  part of the college’s Grassroots Series
April. 3  Whitmore Theater, Marlboro College’s  “Celebrating Howard Zinn” Marlboro, Vermont    DOWNLOAD POSTER  
Jan. 16. Berkeley, California Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists DOWNLOAD POSTERJ
Jan. 15. San Rafael. CA. First United Methodist Church. DOWNLOAD POSTER
Jan. 12th & 13th Aqus Cafe, Petaluma, CA. http://www.aquscafe.com DOWNLOAD POSTER
Jan. 9th, 10th & 11th Flux53 Theater,  Oakland, CA. a benefit for  www.flux53.com Dec. 5th The Catholic    
    Workers Hospitality, New York, New York
Oct. 3rd Syracuse, New York,  http://www.peacecouncil.net/

    Aug. 4th  thru 8th Seomra Spraoi  Social Center Dublin,  Ireland  www.seomraspraoi.org 
    Aug. 2nd & 3rd  Next to Nowhere, 96 Bold Street,  Liverpool,  L1 4HY http://www.liverpoolsocialcentre.org/
    Jul. 31st  the Star & Shadow, Stepney Bank  Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom  http://www.starandshadow.org.uk/
    Jul. 26/27th  Discussion at the  1 in 12 club 21-23 Albion St. Bradford, BD1 2LY, United Kingdom.  http://www.1in12.com/
    Jul. 25th 7:30 Bradford Playhouse,  Little Germany,  4-12 Chapel St. Bradford, United Kingdom     http://www.bradfordplayhouse.co.uk/
    Jul. 21st & 22nd 8pm Cambridge Union Society Building ( www.cus.org ) 9a Bridge St.
    Jul. 14th, 15th & 16th Haus Mainusch: Staudingerweg 23A, 55128 Mainz,  Germany
    Jul. 8th , 9th 10th  & 11th at the Berlin English Theatre, Berlin Germany. www.etberlin.de  F40 ˇ Fidicinstrasse 40  10965 Berlin
    Jul. 5th at ”de Klinker'” Van Broeckhuysenstr 46 Tweede Walstr 21, Nijmegen  Netherlands. www.grotebroek.nl
    Jul. 3rd  at  The International Institute for Research and Education, Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam Netherlands.  www.iire.org
    Jun. 28th Montpelier, France
    Jun. 26th Chezmoicheztoi (MyPlaceYourPlace),  Nimes, France http://www.chezmoicheztoi.net/en/events.php
    Jun. 15 at 10 a.m.  in the Grossen Saal of the Ecole d'Humanite, CH-6085 Hasliberg Goldern Switzerland  www.ecole.ch
    Mar. 15th East Village, Manhattan  Jimmy's No. 43 
    Mar. 14th Greenwich Village NY Yippie Cafe and Museum
    Mar. 13th  Brooklyn, NY  Jalopy
    Nov 8th Latchis Four Theater, Brattleboro Vermont. http://www.latchis.com/  sponsored by  WVEW Brattleboro Community Radio
    Oct 22nd  Marlboro College, Marlboro Vermont Whitmore Theater www.marlboro.edu
    Aug 30th San Fransisco, CA http://www.bauaw.org/
    Aug. 29th San Francisco Sate University, CA
    Aug. 28th Oakland, CA
    Jul. 26th Kingston Indigenous Solidarity Network. Kingston Canada
    Jul.  25th  Toronto, Canada
    Jul.  19th Channing-Murray Foundation 1209 W Oregon St. Urbana, IL
    Jul. 18th Independent Media Center 202 S. Broadway.  Urbana, IL
    Jul. 12th Ann Arbor, Michigan
    May 31st   8:00PM    Encuentro 5   Boston,  MA    Apr. 18th  Hampshire College, Massachusetts.
    Mar. 8th  Im Pottery Studio, Highland Park, New Jersey.  Benefit for ”New Jersey to New Orleans Freedom Ride”
    Mar. 7th St. Mary’s Church, New  York,  benefit for Katrina & Rita Survivors  www.NYKatrinaRita.org
    Jan. 18th & 19th Brecht Forum, New York http://www.brechtforum.org/upcoming
    Oct 27th. Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, Vermont  www.catamountarts.org
   Aug. 23, 24 & 25.  Historic Gestern Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
   Aug. 16th & 17th Haven Center, Houston Texas

Aug. 10th  Boulder, Colorado benefit for Mountain Forum for Peace & The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.
Aug. 8th  “Radio Room”  Grand Junction, Colorado
Aug 6th.  Cup Of Joe, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Aug. 3rd, Venice  California. Sponsored by the United Methodist Church Peace & Justice Center and F.N.B
Jul 26th, 27th & 30th California Stage, Sacramento, California. www.calstage.org
Jul. 20th.  Bareiss Gallery, Toas, New Mexico. (sponsored by Food Not Bombs F.N.B)
Jul. 13th &14th  7Stages Theater, Atlanta, Georgia www.7stages.com
Mar. 27th & 28th at Red Emma’s 2640 Theater, Baltimore MD www.redemmas.org
Mar. 25th Center Carrboro Center, Carrboro, North Carolina
Mar. 23rd Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, North Carolina
Mar. 22nd Durham Arts Council, Durham, North Carolina
Mar. 10th New England Youth Theatre, Brattleboro, Vermont www.neyt.org


Nov. 10th & 11th Brecht Forum, New York  http://www.brechtforum.org
Nov. 17th & 18th at Trinity On Main, New Britain, CT www.trinityonmain.org
July 26th, 28th, 29th, at the Innis Town Hall Theater, Toronto, Canada
July 15th at the Cleveland Public Theater, OH
July 6th, 7th & 8th at the Faces Warehouse Gallery, Dubuque, Iowa
Jun. 29th, 30th & Jul. 1st, 2nd California Stage, Sacramento CA
June 25th Ventura, CA
Jun. 8th, 9th, 10th Acme Art Works, Chicago IL
May 26th & 27th Memorial Hall, Stafford Springs, CT
May 20th  & @1st Golding Park Teentown, Cobleskill, NY
Apr. 22, 8 PM, Memorial Hall, Bridge St, Shelburne Falls,MA (sponsored by CAN)
Mar. 31 and Saturday, April 1, Manhattan, New York (Sponsored by AutonomousMedia)
Mar.  17th-19th  St. Stephen’s Auditorium, Washington D.C (sponsored by The Washington Peace Center)
Mar.  10th   Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona, Florida
Mar.  11th  Unitarian Universalist Society, Ormond Beach, Florida.
Mar. 3rd – Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School, South Hadley, Massachusetts
Jan. Sandinos Theater, Derry, Ireland
Jan. Old Museum Arts Centre Theater, Belfast, Ireland (sponsored by The Just Books Collective)


Dec. Blacks, London, England
Dec. Barge ANTIPODES, canal St Marti, Paris, France
Dec. Openspace, Berlin-Kreuzberg (sponsored by Stop The War Brigade)
Dec. - KUBA theater in Vegesack, International University Bremen, Germany
Dec. - Ecole d'Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern, Switzerland
Nov. Montpellier,  France
Nov. - The University in Nîmes , Nîmes, France
Nov. - Télémac Theatre, Nîmes, France
Nov. - Amphitheater, Montpellier,  France (sponsored by Americans for Peace and Justice)
Nov. - Club de Amigos de la Unesco in Pza. Madrid, Spain (sponsored by American Voices in Spain)
Nov. -C.A.P.E INC & Provincetown Fringe Festival
Oct.  -ARISE for social Change, Springfield, Massachusetts
Sept. -Philly Fringe Festival, MYX Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sept. - International House, Multicultural Youth eXchange “Identity” Workshop
Aug. -San Diego, California (Socialist Unity Network)
Aug. - San Francisco, California (Peace & Justice)
Jul. - California  Stage, Sacramento, California   (sponsored by Marxist School)
Jul. - Students for Peace, Brentwood, California
Jul. - Athabasca Fringe Festival, Athabasca, Canada
Jul. - Tradition’s Café  Olympia, Washington
Jul. - Michael Servetus Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Vancouver Washington   (Vancouver for Peace)
Jun. - Fundacion Melassa, Santa Domingo
Jun. -Providence, Rhode Island (Sponsored Socialist USA National Committee)
Jun. -Hooker Dunham, Brattleboro Vermont   (Benefit for In-Sight Photography Project)
May. -School for International Training, World Learning, Brattleboro, Vermont  (Sponsored by SJIR & SITSA)
Mar. -Bradford, Vermont
Mar. - Glouster, Massachusetts
Jan. -Chicago, Illinois
Jan. -Reno, Nevada


Dec. - Traditions Café and World Folk Art, Olympia, Washington
Dec. -Marlboro College, Marlboro,  Vermont
Dec. -Common Ground, Brattleboro, Vermont
Nov. -Hooker Dunham Theater  (Benefit performance for Morningside Shelter)
Oct.  -Landmark College, Putney, Vermont
Jul.  -  Spontaneous Celebrations, MIT,  Boston, Massachusetts (Benefit for YPSL)
Apr. - Hooker Dunham Theater,  Brattleboro, Vermont. (Benefit Performance for Brattleboro Peace and Justice)
Apr. - Marlboro College, Marlboro College,  Vermont.  

2004 (above)


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